Who am I?

peanuts cartoon style caricture of me. bald, glasses, black shirt, tan cargo pants, converse sneakers

This is where I should talk about who I am and what I do in a way that encourages you to work with me (you know, like the old ‘What’s your biggest flaw?’  ‘I work too hard’ nonsense), but that’s not really my thing, so I’ll just drop in a few random facts about me. 

Random things: 
Tech/IT geek
Introvert (INTJ-T to be more specific)
Gamer (kind of… really just Fallout & Skyrim)
Self-deprecating. Sarcastic. 
Use profanity too much. (working on that)
I read a lot. Like, a LOT. 
I detest emojis. If you’re over 15, use your words. 
I’ve lived in 10 states and moved over 40 times. 
(MO, NE, KS, NY, TX, IA, SD, OK, FL, TN)

If you care about job history/work experience: 
1990-1999:  Gateway (computers) (Infrastructure Design Engineer III)
1999-2004:  ServiceZone (call center outsourcer) (VP of IS) 
2004-2006:  ClientLogic (acquired ServiceZone) (Director of Internal Systems) 
2006-2013:  nTelagent (healthcare financial services SAAS) (CTO) 
2013-now:   Web Development / Digital Marketing Consultant

What is TADTime?

yellow post it note with a red heart sticker and very young child's handwriting that says Dad I love you play with me
Dad I love you play with me

I was stuck on one of those pointless time-wasting & life-sucking conference calls for some “emergency of the moment”. At home. After normal business hours.  

During the call my daughter came in and handed me this post-it note. She didn’t say anything (she knew better than to make noise when “daddy’s on a call”); she just handed it to me and walked out.

I put that note in my notebook binder, stared at it every day for awhile, then finally walked away from that CTO title (and the very comfortable 6-figure salary that came with it).

#priorities, right? 

oh, right, the name… my daughters’ initials are TAD. This business is my way of making a living while being able to spend more time with her. 

Time with TAD = TADTime.

p.s.  9 years later that post-it note is still in my notebook binder